Next Generation Monitoring for Daycares and Preschools
Benefits for Day Care Centers
  • Increase enrollment. We help you stay competitive. 90% of parents surveyed indicated that they would choose a center with a monitoring solution over one without one.
  • Increase retention. Parents may pull their child out of day care because they feel your center may not be the right fit. With live cameras, they can be reassured they made the right decision in choosing your center.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Your families will feel better knowing that they can "visit" anytime. By being more connected they can virtually participate in special events or just check in to see their children.
  • Save on insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts for monitoring systems.
  • Raise accountability Your staff will perform better when they know you may be observing them.
  • Reduce unnecessary phone calls. Centers can expect a drop in phone calls - families can check in online rather than call.
  • Peace of mind. Monitor your business while you are away...or from your office!