Next Generation Monitoring for Daycares and Preschools

What people are saying about See Daycare


"See Daycare is very easy to use and it allows me to check in on my daughter anytime from anywhere, even my iPhone! I will only use day care centers with See Daycare from now on." -Monica S., CA

"See Daycare was very easy to set up and has helped improve my business tremendously! Enrollment is up, student drops are down. Parents are even more confident in our service because they can see it for themselves." -Brenda, CA

In the News

"'The fact that I can watch her anytime is such a great thing,'says Paskas. 'Any part of her childhood that I miss is a big deal. Even if I'm just watching her interaction with other children or eating on her own, I get so excited I call my co-workers to come and see.'" -Main Life

"Internet cameras, or web cams, ease the separation anxieties of working parents while keeping the staff accountable for the safety and care of the children. The service, scarce in the Valley, caters to a growing demand for improved security technology in schools and other day care facilities." -AZ Central News